The opportunities in the market are truly endless, so we will face these challenges offering the best level of development services and practices to conquer new areas and new markets, inside and outside of the Hellenic borders.

Konstantinos Sarris-Tzamtzis, Founder, 1989

FC&D The Development Experts specialized in providing comprehensive services in the area of business development (Franchise, License, BizOpp, Import-Export) together with associated peripherals and additional services with base in Athens since 1989.

In-depth knowledge of the market, international practices, combined with years of experience of our staff, enabling FC&D The Development Experts to deliver effective suggestions and solutions that are well-structured and proven.

FC&D The Development Experts develops its business utilize Franchising method having one unit in Pieria Prefecture (N.Hellas, Katerini) and another one in Romania (Bucharest) with Master Franchise.

Professional Bodies of FC&D








Hellenic Franchise Association

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