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We Offer

Absolute success specific to your needs. Design Systems without ‘copy-paste’ procedure. Standard and codified systems of successful applications ‘on your business’. Guidance at every step that leads to ultimate success and profitable growth of your network. Strategic Planning – Implementation Expertise – Guidance – Success


Identify dynamic expansion with specific method. Concept formation – definition & reorganization. Market Research (quantitative, qualitative, competitive, consumer


First Approach Study Development Network. Study viability, profitability and operating network. Feasibility Study. Suggestions BPR at all necessary levels of organizational and operational infrastructure. Development Strategic Plan and Competitive Target (Competitive Market Positioning)


Implement the communication plan and Marketing plan to release the disclosure and candidates attendance stakeholders. Support specific programs target Target-Group. Services Press and PR procedures.


Develop and monitor implementation of Media – Plan. Support exhibitions at home and abroad. Show investment proposal to prospective candidates.

Support & Control

Support Services and Control. IT solutions analysis and customization. Planning Local Marketing. On site evaluation, Mystery Shopping. Evaluation services, placement, selection of human resources. Education Services and training. Supply chain Management, MIS / Logistics / Reporting Procedures. Default partners and explore candidate – the candidate certification of licensees.

Import Export

Importing & Exporting Support Services


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