Frutti Di Mare

Unit, Area Development and Master Franchise | Opportunity Now Available 

Frutti Di Mare is the industry-leading Gourmet | Casual | Fast seafood franchise in Greece.

Frutti Di Mare was founded in Thessaloniki, in 2010.

Frutti Di Mare for 8 years has delighted guests with our hand-crafted cooking of quality seafood that customers crave.

Frutti Di Mare is in a position of growing across Greece, Balkans and Europe. We are looking for franchise owners either known or not the restaurant industry, who are strong operators, who provide outstanding service, and who seek growth potential in a less-competitive and rapidly growing seafood segment.


► The fellow investor is now a member of the family Frutti Di Mare acquiring wealth privileges.
► The Business Partner of Frutti Di Mare remains independent entrepreneur, but with the support and expertise of a large company, minimizing the business risk and maximizing the success rate.
► Benefits from the central agreements that closes the parent company.
► Not the previous business experience are required to operate a FruttiDiMare store.
► Enjoying the continuous support in all important areas for a profitable business from the parent company.
► Enjoying the continuous support in education, Marketing and overall operation of the store.
► Benefits from the continuous upgrading of products and services from research and development department that the business to remain innovative
► Significantly saves money that would otherwise have to dispose of them in marketing, research, development if it was not a member of FruttiDiMare.
► The Franchisee enjoys the exclusive right to use and promote to a concrete and protected area.

<< The success of the Franchise Business is part and overall success of Frutti Di Mare also. >>


► As a new member of the family of Frutti Di Mare enjoys substantial and tangible support to ensure the success of his business career.
► The Find of a suitable point about joint research (Franchisor, Franchisee) to ensure one of the major factors of success and profitability of business that is the appropriate location.
► In Marketing and Communication of Brand, the FruttiDiMare constantly invests in new technologies and outlining strategies leading to always stay one step ahead.
► Education is of major importance for the successful development of the group and for this reason provided continuous training to Franchisee and for human resources.
► The Design and Construction of the store made by the technical department of our company with the start of our cooperation and across the duration.
► The R&D and other supportive agreements of the parent company ensure the quality and profitability.

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