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Konstantinos Sarris-Tzamtzis, Founder

Franchise consultant based in Athens since 1985, specializing in-network services, as well as design software for franchisors. He has specialized in designing, organizing, developing and supporting networks, and believes one of the main architects of the Hellenic franchising and one of the few Greeks who have successfully exported Hellenic systems abroad. He is considered also as the father of Licensing in the Hellenic market of sales channels.

He studied Information Technology & Business (BSc. Computer Information Systems) and specialized in developing software for business & Network management and data security. He holds also the Advanced Diploma in System Analysis.

He is a member of the Greek Society of Computer Scientists (GCS), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), and the Greek Franchise Association (early birds was a member of the Board the Franchise Association of Greece).

He has rich literary work articles and publications on the Franchising, Licensing, Biz Opp and the support process. Konstantinos has presented development topics in educational and informative seminars throughout Hellas and abroad.

He is married to Gina and has one daughter Diana.

Key members of the FC&D

  • Armandos Konstantinides, Specialized International Tax Consultant and senior statistical professional.
  • Diana Sarris-Tzamtzis, Public Relations Executive
  • Rox Ene, FC&D, Master Franchisee Romania (Bucharest)
  • George Zafirelis, IT & Communications Advisor
  • Stathis Beioglou, FC&D Franchisee Pieria Prefecture, N.Hellas (Katerini)
  • Sotiris Yiannakakis (PhD), Harvard Law with expertise in Franchising and vertical markets jurisdiction. Legal Counselor of World Franchise Council, Legal Counselor of the Greek Franchise Association.
  • Christos Boukouvalas, network designer, strategic development & implementation with more than 25 years of experience.
  • Nikos Kourkoulos, Development Director North West Greece.

International Cooperation

FC&D, Cooperates with international networks to have ready the necessary background for international expansion.

Albert Kong, CEO/Managing Director Asiawidefranchise. Holds a large number of consultants network throughout Asia. The arm of FC&D in Asia.

Christopher Binkley, CEO/Managing Director of World Franchise Associates (UK) with wide network consultants worldwide. The arm of FC&D to the rest of the world.

Affiliations of FC&D

FC&D works with various executives, business consultants and companies to develop specialized research and studies, writing manuals, Franchise contracts etc.

We believe in a collective effort in forming strategic alliances with established companies alike with specialized sectoral magazines guaranteed to achieve our common goals.

FC&D works on a permanent basis, depending on the needs of each Project, with specialized companies with leadership positions in their field.

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